✨ Hello, I'm Jieyu Chan

I am a growth marketer experienced in the eCommerce, gaming, and fintech spaces.Outside of work, I enjoy learning about climate, web3, product strategy, and exciting stuff happening in the technology realm.I also help run Expert Office Hours at Work on Climate (https://workonclimate.org/expert-office-hours/)Let's chat if you're interested in
business building & marketing
product and community design
exploring web3 and climate

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    I am an explorer, no-coder, and growth marketing strategist.Outside of work, I love to read, ponder, and travel.I read across these domains: business, marketing, consumer psychology, philosophy, and occasionally, history and geopolitics.I am in love with the remote corners on earth, and the complex, vibrant culture across the globe.

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    What do I do professionally now?

    Growth marketing for a digital content and payment aggregator.Click here for more details about me at work, or for my resume

    Life outside of work

    Currently enrolled in Terra.do Learning for Action Yak Cohort (Dec 22 - March 23).I also help manage Expert Office Hours for Work On Climate.Current interests: Climate, Web3, Startup Ecosystem, Marketing, Product, No-code